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November 15, 2005

Ginkgo art, poems

Post your question and/or comment about Ginkgo art or post your Ginkgo poem here.


At 12/10/2005, Blogger Cor Kwant said...


autumn wind -
a ginkgo leaf
brightens all things

Robert Leechford

More haiku poems relating to a photo of a Ginkgo in Japan on this website

At 1/08/2012, Anonymous Davis Dalbok said...

Gale force winds blew, and the noble gingko held it’s ground.
little golden leaves holding on sideways in the fierce wind.
this morning, during relative calm, they came raining down.
The gingko decided, on it’s own terms, when to let go.
And the deck is littered gold.

Davis Dalbok, from Fairfax, California

At 12/08/2012, Anonymous Mike Page said...

haiku for ginkgo

beautiful ginkgo
so graceful and beguiling
delight to my eye

Mike Page


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