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November 29, 2005

Ginkgo tree in the tropics?

The Ginkgo is a tree that grows well in temperate and subtropic climates. But is it possible to grow it in the tropics as well? Send your questions, reactions, experiences!


At 11/29/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Praphon. I love ginkgo very much. I try to find ginkgo in Bangkok Thailand .But I can not find it. Last month I went to China and I bring 1 Ginkgo tree (16 inch high diameter 0.5inch) back to Bangkok. When back to Bangkok the leave all fall. I cover this ginkgo tree by plastic bag. Two day ago I am very happy because I can see 2 buds. Please tell me what I should do after. I will take a good care of this ginkgo. I would like to know does anyone ever successful growing ginkgo tree in tropical zone likes Bangkok .In Bangkok the temperature is very high all year. I ever asked some gardeners in Bangkok “is it possible to grow ginkgo it Bangkok?” all of them say “No Bangkok is to hot you only can keep it for a few month” anyway I want to grow ginkgo in Bangkok. So I would like to ask you or anyone that had experience in growing ginkgo in the climate like Bangkok?

Please help me to success growing Ginkgo in Bangkok!! I am looking forward for the suggestions from the Ginkgo lover all around the world to make my dream come true.

Thank you very much


Praphon Leenakitti

At 12/01/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ginkgo lovers,

What should I do? When fall season come I believe the Ginkgo’s leave will not fall in Bangkok!! In nature ginkgo's leave will falling down every year if it not falls down what will happen and what should I do?

At 7/17/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, i was able to grow gingko from seeds i ordered thru internet. They are approx. 4 inches tall and 2 months old but stopped growing. They were 8 seedlings but 3 died out and the rest are thriving, i followed your instruction to water them(how frequent?) daily. My country is a tropical climate (Philippines). Should i give them fertilizer? Hope you could give me pointers on how to maintain a seedling. thank you very much

At 6/16/2009, Blogger D said...

Hello Praphon and Ramon,

Do you manage to keep your ginko plants survived until now? Please let me know.


At 10/25/2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too grew ginkgos, from seeds. One out of 10 survived and after 2 years it´still alive but stopped growing. Had sprouted 3 more leaves but no aditional branches. With japanese maple, i send it to "winter" in my fridge, succesfullly. I think it¨ll work out. Just as for stratify seeds, the plant needs a "winter" every year. In Phillipines or Thailasnd, or Colombia(I), it´s a solution.

At 6/11/2012, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous,
How to send the tree to winter in the fridge?
Put in the fridge for how long?
How do you manage for day and night?
I think it is very good idea to send the tree to winter in the fridge! Only I want to know how?

At 5/28/2018, Blogger Alirio Testigo de Jehová said...

Hi. I luve in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Some 10 years ago y got some seeds and they sprouted. One od these trees still survives. Right now, I have 3 tmore trees, all 3 years old. I have "wintered"them in the fridge, inside a plastic bag with pierced holes. They remain there for 2 months and later rebud again. I thionk they can facultatively behave as semidecidious trees, that is, they fall their leaves in temperate climates and do not in subtropical or tropical areas. Nonethelñess, in thois area(7 degrees North L) I keep them in half shade and well watered and well drained.


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