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November 25, 2005

Where can I buy a Ginkgo tree?

On the FAQ-page of my homepage I mention several addresses, but no doubt there are many more.
If you know Ginkgo tree sellers in your area then mention them by clicking on "comments" (under this post) and fill in the then appearing form. Mention the sellers's name, address, country and if you have personal experience with the firm give it a rating: 1-10 (0 = bad; 10 = excellent). Thank you!


At 11/25/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 11/25/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where can I buy one in India?

At 11/30/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 12/01/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have just discovered that female trees [Ginkgo biloba 'Hayanari'] are available at, see URL: Pavia [This site is also in English.]

If anyone has any knowledge regarding this cultivar [?] please let me know.


Nigel Kent

At 12/22/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am requesting a source in Canada if possible for female Ginkgo trees.

At 4/17/2006, Blogger LesfromNJ said...

Need to find a source for a female Ginko tree, not grafted, to be planted in Western Mass, USA. Suggestions?

At 8/13/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a dozen Gingko tree seedlings. How can I ship them through the mail?

At 7/22/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 11/16/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've recently been introduced to the "GINKO WONDER" while visiting California ( Los Angeles) a good friend took me to visit the Woodley Conservation Park. There within lies a Japanese garden and GINKO wonders every where. Back home, being recently retiered
I've undertaken a new Hobey, Japanese Gardening. I'm just starting but would like more info on the GINKO tree. Can it be bought here in the great white north and will it be hardy and survive our cold winter. I live in Ottawa Ontario CANADA about 100 miles due north of Syracuse NY. Can I start it from seed and will I be watching it grow strong and tall before
my eventual end (God knows how long) just joking!!!! but serious about the GINKO.
please help
Roland Duval

At 3/13/2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Je suis à la recherche d'un gingko biloba Chase Manhattan car je refais mon jardin qui est petit .
Je cherche sur internet mais sans succés !
pouvez-vous m'aider ?
D'avance ,,je vous en remercie .
A bientôt.

At 4/01/2008, Blogger penny said...

Dear ALL,
in my hometown,there's Gingko tree everywhere, and gingko is our hometown's special local products, every year we emport a large number of the specialty.we had a plentiful harvest last year.

if you like, please feel free to contact me.we have lower price and quality guarantee.
sincerely yours,
mobile: 86-13962111751

At 4/01/2008, Blogger penny said...

in my hometown, the gingko will see everywhere, we have a havrest last year, and we export a large number of the special local products.
wish you feel free to contact me, we have lower price and quality guarantee.
mobile: 86-13962111751

At 7/27/2009, Anonymous Alan said...

Found this great website and forum and would like a bit of advice on choice of a ginkgo tree please.
I have a garden in South east England UK on fairly shallow soil over chalk.
The site gets a lot of sun and also wind from about 8 feet upwards and I have one area left in my garden in which I fancy planting a ginkgo tree.
I do have a ginkgo tree in another part of the garden which is growing OK but quite slowly.
The area in question is surrounded by clumps of bamboo to about 8' and a pine on the easterly side.
I am looking for a ginkgo tree about 14-25' high and no more than 10' wide any ideas.
Hope this is enough info.


At 6/27/2012, Anonymous Annie said...

Hello would like to line my driveway with ginkos either side it's about 30 meters love the look and the shape of the pictures of the autumn gold and the golden globe especially the thicker foliage of the golden globe just wondering if I managed to buy good size established trees is a 60" pot how long until they start to thicken out and form a nice shape and which is the quicker growing of these two varieties please. Thanks for your excellent site and information. Annie


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