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December 19, 2005

Ginkgo blogger in Missouri, USA

"As I parked near the steps at the Hill Street lot I noticed a big change: the ancient male ginkgo tree had shed every last leaf since I’d last been here just a few days ago. That rainy day must have taken those remaining leaves down. Now they carpeted the ground and the steps. The greens and yellows of these newly-fallen leaves made a most pleasing texture, a sight that will be dimmed and obscured by a few more fall rains. But now those leaves were pristine and almost seemed to glow richly in the fast-fading light. I quickly got out my camera and took several shots. I was lucky to have recorded a couple of well-focused shots; the rest were blurred: taking hand-held shots with long exposures is a matter of luck and taking multiple shots increases the odds that a few might turn out well. Here are the best two photographs; the first is of leaves on the concrete steps leading up to the lot and the second is a texture study of the leaves on one step."

This is one of the remarks Larry Ayers makes on his blog with many Ginkgo photos:
Larry Ayers weblog


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