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December 01, 2005

Ginkgo in container

I am really in love with this tree. It's so majestic. My wife and I just bought our 1st single family home, and I plan on having a ginko as a part of our family. I do have one issue though, our back yard will not support a 40 foot tree. With that, if i buy a 5 gallon tree, can I pot if for a few years. By that time we will have more space to put in ground. Anyone out there potting? Thanks for the help!
- Topic sent by Damonhines.


At 12/21/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have two ginkgos in large pots and have had them about 4 years. They grow slowly and are now about 4 feet tall. I bought them as bare root trees from a nursery in PA. I only have space to plant one ginkgo in the ground and of course it has grown much bigger! Its over 10 feet tall now. I live in the SF Bay Area in California.

At 12/24/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have grown Ginkgos from seed in pots. I tend to double up the containers with flowers too. The only drawback is that the flowers can dry up the pot quicker. In some cases, out competing the Ginkgo for water and killing it. The flowering plants look fine but the Ginkgo has long wilted.



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