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January 23, 2006

Deer don't eat Ginkgo leaves

In my guestbook someone wrote a message about an experience with deer and Ginkgo leaves. I'd like to share it with you:

USA, Coquille, OR
The deer won't eat the leaves!
It's 5' tall and only been in the ground a year. I'm hoping that it will survive the
wet climate. It's well drained. IF it survives, it should become a very popular tree,
as the deer leave it alone.
That in itself should should establish it as a 'tree to have'!


At 2/16/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They have eaten the leaves on my Ginkgo trees, as well as the buds/branches, and bucks have rubbed the trunks till they die. Deer proof they are not!

At 2/16/2006, Blogger Cor Kwant said...

They must have been very hungry, mostly deer don't find the Ginkgo very appealing.
The website of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences mentions the Ginkgo as a tree with a high degree of deer tolerance:
their website.

At 10/06/2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have lots of deer in my area and can count on visits to my yard from at least 8 or 9 of them daily. I have two lovely 25 foot Autumn Gold Gingko trees and one 4 foot tree, which was cultivated from the seeds of the two trees. I know that Autumn Golds are male, but I have this small tree to prove otherwise,. In any case, the deer never bother the Gingko tees, and really have no interest in them whatsoever, except to sleep in the shade under them after munching on grass and weeds. Even though they tower over the little tree, they'll munch on and grass around it, but they never bother the tree at all. I will mention that these deer have plenty of food here on Long Island, NY, and actually are quite well-padded, so there is no necessity for them to eat Gingko leaves.

At 10/06/2015, Anonymous Cor said...

Deer eats Ginkgo seeds (nuts). Read my website:


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