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January 06, 2006

Seeds or seedling in the Netherlands/Croatia

I would like to have an adress in Holland where I can buy seeds of a Gingko tree, or maybe little tree all ready in pot. I got this question of a friend of me, he is living in Croatia-in the city Pula.
In Croatia the Gingko is nearly not to buy and if it is it is to expensive for the 'common' people. They have too little money, so they cannot effort it.
I am going to Croatia beginning of next month and it would be wonderfull if I could take this seed or plant with me.
Topic sent by Elles van Dinteren, Utrecht, the Netherlands.


At 1/07/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ik weet dat zaden verkoopt.

At 1/14/2006, Blogger Cor Kwant said...

You could check out my FAQ-page and/or do a search on the internet.

At 1/20/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Send me adress of your friends in Pula, I'll send them seeds of Gingko. I already send some seeds to Bosnia and Serbia. My e-mail is:

At 6/28/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Dutch gingko fan seems to be deeply concerned for "poor Croatians" that cannot afford for Gingko seeds or small plants. He or she must have never been here. I read this article several times and concluded that the author is not aware of the situation here. But let's put these ungrounded social aspects aside......
First of all (I admire Gingko trees very much and bought 3 cultivars - of course here locally, abt 3 m h. at price of some USD 30 each, and additional 3 small plants of 1,5 USD each - a year and a half ago) I don't say that you can buy it at every corner, but in Zagreb there are at least 3 places (known to me) with superior choice of high quality gingko trees.
If you may direct your Pula friend to contact me in this respect. I'll give any assistance. Wishing you interior happiness in developing of your great site and sharing it with the others.
Best regards,
(Mr) Dragutin Prica


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