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February 11, 2006

Ginkgo bonsai in Hawaii

I am moving to Hawaii and want to take my ginkgo bonsai trees with me. How will they react to the tropical climate being a deciduous tree? Will they survive? Thanks for the help.
Topic sent by Kev.


At 2/23/2006, Blogger Cor Kwant said...

Please ask your question to:

and if you get an answer please post it here.

At 7/05/2009, Anonymous Wallette Shidler said...

Do you know if Ginkgo trees will grow in Hawaii? I can't recall seeing any here. I have 10 seeds in various stages of trying to germinate. One has just germinated. I have all of them indoors in air conditioning at a window with good light.
Wallette Shidler

At 7/05/2009, Anonymous Cor said...

Seems experiments are going on here:


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