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March 27, 2006

Preventing seedforming

I have a magnificient 70-year-old ginkgo right outside my front door, but alas it is a female. I am getting tired of cleaning up after her each autumn and coping with the smell. I don't want to cut her down, so am looking for ways of controlling her fruit production. I have identified two possibilities:

Florel Brand Growth regulator

Maleic hydrazide

Does anyone have experience with these or other sprays? To what extent are they effective? Any downsides to their use? I also see that there is a 'tight time window' for their application; can one easily determine when it should be applied?
Topic sent by Stan Wilson.


At 4/03/2006, Blogger matt said...

Be careful with use of growth regulators on woody plants, with 7 years experience using FLOREL an many other growth regulators on annuals I never would think to use them on woodys.(but have heard that many nurserys are starting to trail the use) If this is for bonsai purposes root pruning in the spring has worked for as long as bonsai has been. if you do apply growth regulator I would be most curious of the results.

At 7/17/2006, Blogger TreeBoy said...

I too have a sex-changed ginkgo right by my front entrance. The seeds are maddening... not only do they smell like dog crap, but I just finished pulling up about 5,000 starts out of my flowerbeds. I'm thinking about cutting the tree down ... but I wonder if I used a pre-emergent in the spring might help control that part of the problem???

At 9/04/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please read my FAQ-page about this subject:

More info about the seeds on my Tree/Propagation/Usage-pages.

At 11/08/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is what I had done this season to dramatically reduce the amount of fruit produced by a magnificent 70-year-old ginkgo standing right outside the front door to my home in Baltimore.

My arborist secured the recommended number of Snipper micro-injection units from Florida Silvics. The timing for treatment is critical. Fully extended female "flowers" are shown in a picture at The tree should be treated when the female "flowers" are not quite fully extended, say 2/3rds of the way. As a result, the crop of ginko fruit this season was dramatically reduced! If I accumulated all of the fruit that fell this entire season, it would still be much less than what fell on only one of the numerous bad days of the past season. Stan

At 5/05/2009, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Stan
Your recommendation of Snipper sounds very promising. Did you use it again last year (2008), with similar success?
I've just moved into a new home in South Africa, with an enormous and most beautiful Ginkgo in the yard right next to and growing almost on top of the cottage. The previous resident was overwhelmed by the problem (it's fall here in the Southern Hemisphere and so the seeds have been falling), and I am looking for solutions for next year!
Any further feedback will be much appreciated.


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