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April 17, 2006

Female Ginkgo tree seller?

Need to find a source for a female Ginkgo tree, not grafted, to be planted in Western Mass, USA. Suggestions?
Topic by Les Vivian.


At 4/20/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've searched many places for G. trees and never have found any sellers of specifically female trees. I was only able toget my two females by accident. One came from Dorthea Halser of Milwaukee in the early 70's. It was not known which gendr it was because it was a whip of about 5 feet tall. It started bearing when it became a good sized tree of 30 feet in height and 12 inch diameter.
The other tree was purchased from Hinsdale Nursery in Hinsdale Illinois. It was a 14 foot tree with an 1100 pound ball of soil around the roots. it was supposed to be a male, but ten years later I found seed falling under that tree. I'm delighted to have two females. And with the four large males I've planted surrouding the females I get a good supply of seed each year.
To get a female might be easier if one could do a seriological or DNA study to find what you want, but barring that you could graft a known female bud or cutting to your existing unknown tree if you have one. You might have a very interesting tree like the one Cor mentions of the one in Utrect. Check out her photo of the giant male with the female branches bearing fruit in the Netherlands.
Good luck,
Bill Manke

At 5/28/2006, Blogger Todd said...

Forest farm sells them in case you're still looking...

At 7/12/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found two female varieties offered by Greer Nursery:

60785 ‘Long March’® —Upright growing, female is cultivated for heavy crops of tasty nuts. 3-4' $54.95

60699 ‘Salem Lady’ — When this female is pollinated, she produces a heavy yield of almond sized, orange nuts with a thin shell that are considered a delicacy when roasted! Selected in Salem, Oregon. 3-4' $49.95, 6-7' $149.95

See their website:

At 6/07/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have many Gingko trees growing in pots. I started them from seed in Y2K, as a project for myself and my daughter. I figured Y2K would be a good year to start since they reportedly can live for a thousand years or more. I live in Brielle, NJ and if anyone wants to purchase any, you would have to be responsible for the transportation. You can contact me at for details.

At 7/17/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 7/18/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out:

At 10/09/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the female tree make stinky fruit if she's not pollinated?
There aren't any ginkgo trees anywhere nearby, none within a block certainly. There are probably some within a few miles of here, though. But I don't believe those could cause significant pollination.


At 12/14/2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some nurseries are claiming their Female grafted ginko planted alongside their Male grafted Ginko can produce nuts in 5 years.

Sounds almost too good to be true. Has anybody actually seen this occur ?

Would this precocious production only occur in particular zones ?

I am in Zone 5B.

Thank You

At 12/08/2012, Anonymous Russ Lee said...

We love your site and the updates. One of your suggestions is to plant a female. I tried to find a source, but the standard answer at the retail level is "we never obtain nor sell females". So the real question is do you know of a source. There must be a lot of them tossed out at some point of growth, somewhere. This would also be good information to share with all of your guests.

Thank You, Russ


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