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April 20, 2006

Remove basal chichi?

We planted a male ginkgo about 5 years ago; it was over 8 feet tall when we planted it. Last summer it put up three basal chichi (as I now know they are called.)
Should we remove these? If not, what should we expect from them? Do they mean the tree has been under stress?
If we remove them, how should we do it? Can we dig down and remove them with some root material and will they then become a new tree? Could they be rooted if there is no root material on them? Will removing them hurt the parent tree?
I love this tree and wanted a ginkgo for years. Now it is my pride and joy and I want to do the best thing for it.
Topic by Demaris Frantz, Upstate New York, zone 5/6


At 4/24/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can cut the root at the base of the sucker or follow it back to the tree and cut it there. You can do this anytime, but preferably when the Ginko is dormant.


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