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May 28, 2006

Kumya Ginkgo, natural monument in S.Korea

There is a 2,120-odd years old Ginkgo at the compound of the Anbul Temple, a historic relic, in Tonghung-ri of Kumya County, South Hamgyong Province, South Korea. The Ginkgo, which has been registered as a natural monument, is 42 meters in height, 18.2 meters in the girth at the bottom and 15.5 meters in the girth at the middle. The tree bears more than 300 kilograms of fruits on a yearly average. It has two nipple-shaped knobs on its trunk. It is said that a knob comes into being once every a thousand years. The bigger one is 10 cm and the other 5 cm in diameter respectively. Read more here.


At 6/22/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not South Korea, but North Korea!


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