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June 25, 2006

Ginkgo in New Orleans?

I live in New Orleans and lost a 20 year old cherry tree to Hurricane Katrina. I have been searching for a tree to replace the cherry and love the Ginkgo, but am unsure if this beautiful tree would adapt to the climate down here. He ( I'm afraid I would plant a male - we have too many other nasty smells in New Orleans to add to it!) would be in my back garden which receives full sun from about noon on. The tree would be about 8 feet from my house on one side, but be able to branch out on the other three sides. The planting area is surrounded by a brick courtyard - the cherry tree's root system extended under the house, which is raised. The soil does not drain too well, but we can have long periods of drought. The Ginkgo would be our shade tree for the back garden. Would this be a good home for the tree and if so which specimen? P.S. we would like to plant a fairly large one, about 15 feet initially.
Thank you for your help.

Topic by Janine Butcher.


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