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June 26, 2006

Leaves / bark problem

Hi, I have a three year old Ginkgo tree. This spring the leaves failed to open fully. It is as if half the leaf opened and the tips stayed curled up. The part of the leaf where it has not yet opened is turning yellow.Any idea what may be going on? Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.
Topic by Kathy NormanRockford, IL


At 6/28/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The same happened to my ginkgo trees. From about 60 pieces, three of them came late with leaves and after 1 or 2 weeks leaves were not fully developed. According to my opinion, it is because of the late freezing temparature. Positive thing is that they seem to survive it.

At 7/22/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weed killer has amazing effects on even big trees. Do you use much of this? have you changed anything else about the soil?

At 5/26/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have the same problem but the buds never developed into leaves. i was told that the ginkgo did not like to be root bound so i have tried to repot them. so far this hasn't made a difference but it's only been one week. maybe i'll put them into a weak solution of water and seaweed food. their roots were very crowded when i did repot them.

At 6/26/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My ginkgo tree was only partially leaved out last year. This year I am just now (June 21) getting sprouts of leaves. Can anyone give a clue as to what is going on or who to contact to save this tree. It is at least 50 years old and until last year a very fine specimen.

At 7/17/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Philadelphia. PA. USA
Do you have any idea why my ginkgo is dropping clumps of leaves. It has never done this before in June. Does this mean it is dying?

At 8/03/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My ginkgo is also losing it leaves. I noticed it the first of July. We have had an extremely dry season this year; we also did last year. Since I noticed it losing its leaves, I have been watering the tree often, but it is still losing its leaves.

At 11/15/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have had a ginkgo tree planted in our backyard for the last six years, and each year we wait for the beautiful yellow leaves. The leaves seem to stay green until the first frost, then they turn blackish/brown and start dropping within days. I believe the tree is a male (as it produces no fruit). Is there something that we can do to start getting the pretty yellow leaves? It definitely is growing each year, and looks very healthy in the spring and summer. Help please!

Ligonier, Pennsylvania

At 4/23/2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Help, this is the second year of unusual heavy late frost. We tried moving our large clay fire pit over to the Ginkgo tree on the last night of near freeze to protect the leaves from frost. Our nearby nearly fully leaved fig trees were freezer burned. But one week later, and the Ginkgo is still not developing. We leave near Durham, NC and need to know if this is normal? Is there anything we can do to jump start it's leaf production for the spring again? any suggests would be appreciated.

At 6/19/2008, Blogger Kay said...

My 2 beautiful ginkos have been very healthy since I planted them 3years ago. However, this spring, the leaves are green at the base, but yellow and curled at the edges. New leaves at the ends of branches look spindly. So far the 'experts' around here have no idea why this is happening. Did your ginkos survive what sounds like a similar experience?

At 7/01/2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same issue here... Our 4th Spring and all of a sudden the new leaves are curled on the tips and deformed looking. We have also had a very wet Spring too - dry weather not a suspect. Any update on what is causing the problem and what can be done to resolve?

At 7/10/2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For leaves problems please read this website (copy and paste this complete url in your browser):

At 8/17/2009, Anonymous Henri Lamiraux said...

Question: We recently purchased a house in the San Francisco Bay Area with a somewhat large Ginkgo tree in the front yard. We had the tree slightly trimmed when we moved in (late May). For the past several months the tree looked really healthy. But around mid July we noticed that a lot of leaves in the upper part of the tree, facing North/North-west (the side where we trimmed the tree), were turning brown and falling. We did have a couple of very hot days during this period. Is the tree not getting enough water? is it getting sun damage because of the heat? because of the trimming?

At 1/11/2010, Anonymous Susana, Argentina said...

estoy muy preocupada porque tengo un guingo de unos diez años de vida y 7 u 8 metros de alto, y este verano ha empezado a perder sus hojas como si fuera otoño. se esta secando. las ramas tambien se van pelando, y no se como hacer para ayudarlo. me vendria muy bien un consejo para interrumpir esa enfermedad que lo va a matar en poco tiempo si sigue asi
desde ya gracias por la ayuda

At 6/23/2010, Anonymous jerseyGuy said...

Need help,
I have a 42 foot Ginkgo tree in my yard with a large number of holes (>300) in the bark of approximately 3/8 inch in diameter and 5/8 inch deep. They extend from ground level to at least 8 feet. I never noticed them prior to today and only went to look at it closely because I noticed a few dead leaves on the tree at the distant ends of the braches, which is unusual in early June. The percentage of dead leaves (to healthy ones) is about .1 % (1 in 1000) or less. No noticeable insects are seen except two black medium size ants and a single colorless insect the size of a period. The holes are mostly found on the southern side.
I am unsure if this is relevant, but five years ago I lost two maple trees to Asian long horned beetles although the holes look different.
I live in Bayonne New Jersey, just outside/across from New York City where we have at least two groupings of Gingko trees, one in our public park and the second in the front yard of a grammar school. I do not know what is wrong, who to contact, what to do, etc. I came across this site and hope someone here may have a suggestion for me. I love this tree. Thank you

At 6/23/2010, Anonymous David said...

I need advice on a young ginko (about 4') planted in full sun 3 years ago. In summer, it always looks wilted. I live in Memphis, TN, hot dry summers. I water when there has been no rain for 10-14 days. I water for about 30 minutes with soaker hose. The day after I water, the tree seems to be even more wilted.
I planted the tree fairly 'high' and have mulched and fertilized every year. The tree still comes out in spring but quickly starts looking wilted.
What is wrong?

Thanks for your assistance,

David Gill
Memphis, TN.

At 6/28/2010, Anonymous Stephanie said...

I just arrived to our summer home in Michigan, to find our ginko tree having spiked to about 9 feet. It’s now about 10 years old, having started young, but the leaves are all curled at the edges. Can you help me understand what the problem might be?
I appreciate your input because this happens to be a very special tree.

Stephanie Kennington

At 6/28/2010, Anonymous Mom said...

Hello--our ginko tree's leaves came in green and beautiful this year, just like always. Then the edges started turning light green. Now the edges are yellow and slightly curled. Is this normal? I do not remember this happening before, but have only lived in this home for three years. It is a large, mature tree, about 30+ feet tall.

At 6/28/2010, Anonymous Jeff Riepl said...

I planted a small (1/2" diameter) Ginkgo tree six years ago in my backyard.

Last fall I realized it would be competing for airspace with another tree of

Late in the fall, I transplanted the Gingko to another part of my yard where
it would have more sun and space. I tried to dig the root ball to get as
many roots as possible. I watered it thoroughly several times until the
ground froze solid. The trunk is two inches in diameter near its base.

This spring it leafed-out on time but the leaves never got larger than a
thumb nail. The leaves are a uniform dark green and show no evidence of

Do you think the tree will survive and fully leaf-out next spring?

Question by Jeff Riepl, Wisconsin, USA.

At 8/13/2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a nine year old Ginko and have noticed dark lesions on the bark. It is soft and spongy. Please help me save her. St. Louis Missouri Thanks

At 4/12/2011, Anonymous Cor said...

To diagnose tree problems you may read this article (pdf):

Copy the complete url in your browser.

At 7/12/2011, Anonymous Teresa Gaeta said...

I appreciate your website about the ginkgo biloba. I have a question, if you care to answer. I planted a ginkgo in my garden 7 years ago. The tree never seems to have done well, not many leaves. We thought it might be affected by construction rubble that had been covered up. Also, it was planted initially in a spot with mostly afternoon sun. Two years ago I replanted it in a spot that gets morning sun and afternoon sun in a spot where I knew there was no hidden rubble. It seems to be doing better but, still, very few leaves, and they are yellowed on the edges.
Do you have any advice for me? I love my ginkgo!! I think it was about 5ft 10 when I first bought the tree and now it is about 14 ft. Is there anything I can do to make it more comfortable?
Many thanks,
Torrecaballeros, Segovia, Spain

At 8/09/2011, Anonymous Bud Utendorf said...

Your ginkgo tree website is excellent. I have a problem (maybe not?) with the edges (about 1/4 inch) of the leaves turning full yellow now. I have had this tree for over 10 years and I do not remember it's leaf edges ever turning yellow at this time of the year. Thinking it needed nitrogen, I gave it a strong feeding of Miracle-Gro fertilizer (15% nitrogen-30%phosphorus-15%potash) about two weeks ago. I do not see any change in the leaves..they do not have more yellow and they did not return to full green.

We have had a very hot July ( 90's) and also very dry first two weeks (grass went rain at all) and a very wet (9" - 11") last two weeks in July. I am wondering if that caused the yellowing. I did water the tree during the dry spell (2 times deep watering [2 - 4 inches])so I don't think it suffered from lack of water.

I would like to have your feeling about this situation and any advice you care to offer.

At 10/21/2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FROM: Bud Utendorf
I have found out the answer to my leaf problem that I inquired about on August 9, 2011. Our lawn care service was using a new weed control product by Dupont called IMPRELIS which was more environmentally friendly. Dupont found that it could damage evergreens and it has been removed from the market. Dupont inspected our Gingko and confirmed it was damaged by IMPRELIS. Our yew shrubs tips were also affected with yellowing, browning and stunted growth. Everything is expected to return to normal next season. If the tree does not recover completely I will advise you. Please post this with my inquiry so others may be aware of this.
Thank you,

Bud Utendorf

At 6/27/2012, Anonymous Virginia said...

This is the first year our gingko tree could be identified as a male tree. It's 36 years old. The leaves on the ends of the branches are full but other leaves are tiny. From a distance they look feathery. Could it be because this year it produced the male seeds and didn't have enough energy to fully develop leaves?

At 7/05/2012, Anonymous fbrady said...

It had been 100+ for days when I arrived home to find my 7year old ginkgo wilting, leave ends were browning.
I have watered been it looks to be suffering.
Is there anything I can do?

At 7/05/2012, Anonymous Ronda Harrison said...

My Ginkgo is 20 yrs. old and has been healthy, but it is dropping its leaves now in July. Why?
Could it have a disease, borers, or insects that I don't know about or recognize? Should I apply Bayers Tree and Shrub (protect and Feed) solution?

Thank you, please advise me

At 9/09/2012, Blogger kim h. ngo said...

A possible answer for all the brown scorched leaves:

At 3/21/2013, Anonymous JUDE said...


At 7/10/2014, Blogger Unknown said...

Wow,lots of folks with this issue. When I had this problem,I solved it by reducing the amount of direct sun light it was receiving. Seems the curling may be a protective measure (reduces exposed surface area). Anyhow, 4 to 8 hours worked for me. The problem abated after 3 weeks following reduced sun exposure.

At 5/11/2015, Blogger Mamma Chino said...

Can you help? Our Ginkgo tree has developed a yellowish fungus on the bark. It is 5 years old, planted in a very large field, protected from animals in a large wire cage, has plenty of sun light, space but always struggled to grow.

At 5/25/2016, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I planted a Ginkgo tree in February here in southeastern Illinois. It has really grown and filled out nicely. The problem I see is the leaves are a lighter green than most trees I see and was wondering if anyone could tell me the cause or relate to me if this is normal or there is a problem that could be corrected. We have a had a wet cool spring and if it gets dry I water the tree. Thanks

At 6/10/2016, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. My ginko is around 50 years old? It is mature and beautiful but has started dropping major branches, sometimes only half way up the horizontal branches. I noticed there are more leaves at the tips, so maybe they are heavy? because that is where the sun hits them.

At 6/13/2016, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My ginkgo is about 12 years old, 6 feet tall, I live in humid warm climate.
lots of sunshine.
This year the leaves are small about 1 to 2 inch diameter, sparse, not fully developed,
and many buds never open.
Now we are in mid June and still new small leaves are coming out.
Rainy season has just started, however soil is always moist.
I compare my tree with others in different parts of the world and it looks poor.
I have tried fertilizers, change soil, without much success.
Any comments would be welcomed.

Also where can I see the answers to other questions in this blog?

At 8/02/2016, Anonymous Geoff said...

We are seeing leaves dry up and fall from the lower branches of our Ginkgo tree.
Only one branch so far – but now a second branch is showing leaves yellowing to a lime green – with yellow spots – and I fear those leaves will soon drop as well
We are experiencing a very dry summer – so we’ve started to water the tree a bit now.

Any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated. ‘
P.S. We live in Southern Ontario, Canada

At 5/06/2017, Anonymous Vicki said...

I have a Ginkgo tree that is around 60 years old. we recently had major rains, so thought this might be my problem with my tree. I live in Missouri. Green leaves are falling off of the tree, I would say major amount of leaves. Also some small branches breaking off. I could reach one branch from the ground and I could break it off. Normally you can't break a limb of the tree. So I'm wondering if its dying.


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