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August 12, 2006

Herb Day 2006

The U.S. Botanic Garden (USBG) will celebrate the first annual HerbDay this October — and all are invited! HerbDay is a new national event that is a series of public educational activities celebrating the importance of herbs and herbalism that will occur during the week of October 8 and culminate in a national celebration on October 14. Activities will occur at botanical gardens, parks, and retail establishments throughout North America. HerbDay activities at each hosting venue may range from lectures and workshops by herbalists; herb walks; cooking demonstrations featuring herbs and spices; seasonal herbal handcrafts; herbal beauty product demonstrations; demonstrations by herb company representatives; and children's activities with herbal themes.
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At 10/09/2008, Blogger Unknown said...
Herb Day is commemorated on Saturday, October 11, 2008 to emphasize the value of safely and effectively using the herbs to promote health, wellbeing, fitness, beauty and culinary enjoyment. Celebration of Herb Day seeks to make public acquainted with advantageous and valuable effects of herbal products and raise awareness about the importance of herbs and herbal supplements.


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