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September 25, 2006

Growing Ginkgo in the Himalayas, India

I have a place which is 6200 ft above sea level in the Himalayas in India, where I am growing medicinal plants.
I am very interested in growing the Gingko Biloba tree, but there is unfortunately, no information at all available in India about it, inspite of he fact that the climatic conditions would suit the propogation of this tree.
Would someone be able to guide me on how I can best go about growing this tree?
Thank you and anticipating an early response.

Question by JAIDEV J. MEHTA, Bombay, India


At 10/13/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear jaidev,
id love to give u all information required for growing the ginkgo biloba.
on request id like to know all about real estate in the himalayas, i want to grow ginkgos there.
please e-mail me to
many thanks, tom twin, hamburg, germany

At 5/24/2007, Blogger Dr. arvind kumar Bhardwaj said...

Mr. Jaidev
We can provide all the information of growing Ginkgo in India. presently we are growing about 300 plants in Distt Nanital.. Pl call me if interested at my mobile no.9212498345 Dr. arvind

At 10/27/2009, Blogger Sheikh Gulzar said...

Dear Madam, I want to grow ginkgo biloba plants in Kashmir vale, because these plants are also grown in Kashmir. Is any dealer in India where I can get these plants.

I want to also known about cultivation of the plant.

Nasim Hijazi, Kashmir

At 2/27/2010, Blogger Jammu and Kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre said...

Ginkgo (Ginkgo Biloba) Plants Development in Kashmir (India)
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Mr. Sheikh GULZAAR
PO Box 667 GPO Srinagar SGR JK 190001
(Via New Delhi-India)

At 8/17/2010, Blogger Unknown said...

sirs !!,
by growing the unknown species for the mankind you are doing yeomen service to the world. I wish to meet you and to see if I can contribute for the cause. I am trying to work on the use of the plant extract for glucoma.



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