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September 26, 2006

Offering seeds and seedlings

I have a 25-30 ft female Gingko in my midwestern US yard. In a month or two
I will have seeds by the bucket loads. Would anyone be interested in buying
I have many little seedlings spring up all year long under the tree that
just get mowed over. Is there anything I can do with all of these seeds?

Question by Matt


At 9/26/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you tried roasting and then eating them?

At 10/02/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Matt

I'd love some if you'd be prepared to send them to the UK - I have a small garden near Bristol in the West of England in which I grow ornamental trees of varying sorts from seed, although the Ginkgo is easily my favourite. I give them to friends as birthday gifts/wedding presents etc mainly.

I have a paypal account and would be delighted to pay for seeds and postage to a maximum of say £10.00 (something like $15.00?). How many could you send without spending more on the p&p than the seeds? Sorry - it's beginning to sound like a maths problem...

Are you a gardener or grower, or does it just so happen that you've got a ginkgo in your garden?

Lizzie Davison

At 11/05/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how can I get some seeds from you

At 12/10/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you still have some I'm trying to get groups here in Michigan planting trees to replace blight of emerald ash. Also trying to live up to Wangari Mathai's call in UN to plant trees...

At 6/26/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I now have probably 100 or more small ginkos growing under "her canopy" and some have grown to about 7 feet. I have what most would consider a "forrest of ginkos" in my front yard.
I have given some to family and friends (a few years ago and those are doing well- I keep up with my plants much like I would with my puppies that go to homes) but because there are so many I don't know what to do or how to make sure these -*/_grown from seed_/* - are taken care of and sold if possible or even given away to make sure they survive. Is there any advice you might offer as to how to disperse these wonderful plants.

At 9/24/2008, Blogger teresa said...

I would love to get some ginko seeds. Please let me know the next step.

At 10/28/2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Racine, WI (SE Corner of the state, on Lake Michigan) and we have lived at this house for close to 9 years. Last year
was the first year our Ginko produced the seeds. There were a good number, but this year there seems to be 10 times more
seeds on the tree and now on the ground.

Is there anything I can do with all these seeds, besides making a mess with them while raking?

We love the tree, and I would like to take some seeds and grow the trees in a pot, is that easy?

Thank you


At 10/28/2008, Blogger teresa said...


I would love to buy some seeds. I have a paypal acc't. I'm sure just putting them in pots and letting Mother Earth do her work will be the trick to growing a Ginko tree.

Teresa Rhodeback

At 1/06/2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ginkgo trees line the block where I live (Washington, D.C.). Every fall the berries are a nuisance. This year the trees have dropped mature berries all year. They take the paint off the cars parked under the trees, stick to your shoes (and are tracked into the houses). We clear them away with snow shovels. The neighborhood wants to have the trees cut down. I want to wait for another year to see if the seed production diminishes. Does anyone have an opinion or advice? Of course the trees are beautiful but the limbs were so heavily laden with seeds that they broke off and damaged the cars under the trees. Perhaps someone would like to harvest our berries.
Marcy Logan

At 6/24/2010, Anonymous Kay said...

My mom has a female Ginko tree in her yard. The people who lived there before us had received one of several saplings at a garden club meeting years ago. this lady planted the tree close to the house. Now we have ginko seedlings growing in mom's yard around her walkway. My sister has claimed a couple of saplings for her yard and has one tree started. Mom and Patsy are interested in distributing some of these young seedlings. We have no way of determining gender. Where can they sell the seedlings for other folks to enjoy? I use to climb this tree when we were both younger. I plan on setting out one or two of the seedlings in my yard but further away from the house. I guess there is a male tree in town from when they were given to the garden club. Thanks, Kay Riebel, Flemingsburg, KY USA

At 12/12/2010, Anonymous said...


I live in Berlin, Germany. There are Ginkgo-trees growing in several places, and noone seems to be bothered by the fruits. Maybe it depends on differences in the climate, if the fruits or their smell gets annoying? Here in Berlin, the seeds fall down in November to December, depending on the individual tree.
I have collected some from different trees, and I got some seedlings.

But I never found a 'wild' seedling near a Ginkgo-tree! Why is that? Here on this page, some of you report of many wild seedlings under their trees. Does anyone have an idea why Ginkgo-seedlings seem to grow under trees by themselves in some places, but not a single seedling in other places?



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