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October 30, 2006

Ginkgo leaves falling at once

"All of a sudden I realized that the tree was dropping its leaves - all at once - on its own. I jumped up and ran outside. It was a magnificent sight. I stood there with my mouth open as I watched the leaves fall to the ground. It was a shower of gold. Beautiful little fans were gently flitting and floating to the ground. Some were twirling, and others fell slowly as though they were golden snowflakes.
It was a moment of pure joy. I could feel my heart swelling with happiness as I stood there smiling and thinking what a privilege it was to see this glorious display of nature."

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At 11/01/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have noticed that when the leaves fall off, something gives off the sweet smell of butter. Did you notice any aroma?


At 11/05/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Brookline Mass, right near Boston and the Arnold Arboretum where I walk my two sheepdogs every early morning. I have lived near and around gingko trees for 40 years, and never until just an hour ago, have I ever witnessed such a sight! The frost was heavy last night and the morning sun was creeping over the hill and just as I reached the point in the path where I pass the gingko tree, I saw this most amazing phenomena -- a windless, rainless morning, with an occasional leaf winding down from the maples or oaks, and a virtual shower of gingko leaves, just falling and falling with no provocation. My dogs must have been wondering why I was standing there staring up at the tree, but there was no possibility that I was going to leave. Fortunately, I ran into another dogwalker "regular" and told her of this magical event so she could experience it is a wonder?? do you understand the science of "why" they all fall at once?

At 11/06/2010, Blogger kampkamp said...

20 degrees last night and as the sun hit the ginkgo tree across the street this morning - magic. It is wonderful to watch the golden glow float and flutter from the tree to a magnificent circle of gold on the ground. Our family caught the tree show a couple of years ago and now we look forward to the display every year. It is especially nice because it is right across the street in our neighbors yard so we get the full view from where I sit with my morning coffee.

At 11/15/2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm 84 yrs old & love trees. My husband & I had the priviledge to see a Ginkgo tree's leaves fall on ll/13/13. The first for us. It appeared that it was raining leaves. Not knowing what kind of tree it was I was fortunate enough to locate your Blogger.


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