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November 30, 2006

Ginkgo direct ancestor angiosperms?

I believe the Ginkgo is the direct ancestor of the angiosperms. When you observe the sprouting of the ginkgo seed and the seed of an apricot you find they are the same. The ginkgo seed has dicotyledons but they usually remain in the seed case.
Notice how the root first comes out of the seed then the sprout develops shooting up between the two short stems to the cotyledons. This is exactly like the apricot cherry and plum. I have not observed other angiosperms but I assume many if not all are the same. Having cotyledons and the way they sprout like angiosperms leads me to believe ginkgo is the ancestor.

Topic by Tom P.


At 12/03/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The physical traits you visually notice may be convergent evolution. They use genetics, cell stucture, and other physical attributes (reproduction, seed, xylem, phloem, leaf structure) to classify plants. The fossil evidence is also helpful.


At 11/16/2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I think that scientists and people in general have a bias that things primitive or basal must be small and marginal. Consider by analogy the Eublepharidae geckos, which includes the Leopard gecko of the deserts of Pakistan and Afganistan. They are considered to be ancestral geckos mainly because they have eyelids and lack the adhesive toe pads, however these are adaptations of desert life and are only primitive from the perspective of a rock climber. I'd be interested to read more of your insights about the Ginkgo.


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