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November 22, 2006

Making tea from Ginkgo leaves

Your web page is great; I hope a have a suggestion for those lucky people like me that own a Ginkgo tree in the backyard. The leaves can be harvested by autumn months and easily dried in a common food dehydrator. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes at low temperature to dry them to the point that the stems crack easily on slight pressure. Once dried they can be easily converted into a yellow–greenish powder using a coffee grinder; I use a Krups brand. The powder can be stored in dark brown bottles until next season. As recommended by the Botanical Council an infusion of 2 g of this powder and 150ml of hot spring water make a great tea that can be sweetened with pure bee honey.
Topic by Fernando G. Ponce.


At 10/30/2009, Blogger Unknown said...

Do the leaves need to be harvested while still green, or does one wait until they turn color, or until they fall off the tree?

At 11/07/2009, Anonymous Ulrike said...

good question from neil... that is what interests me the same..
would be great to get an answer from you(:
I read that it doesn't make sense to make tea out of the leaves cause the ingredients aren't water soluble... --> couldn't find any further information concerning this topic..

At 11/08/2009, Anonymous Cor said...

More info about this topic here:

At 12/20/2011, Anonymous Cor said...

I am not an expert on ginkgo tea, however some info can be found here:


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