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February 09, 2007

Ginkgo in New Zealand

Is there a commercial market for growing ginkgo trees in new zealand. If so we would love to hear from you.

Topic by Keagan John Mason.


At 2/19/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are looking for:

At 3/05/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think there is a large market in new zealand.
For example: plant gingko tree beside of the's very very beautiful trees.
I would be one of your supplier in China. Because I live in China. there are many many gingko seeds and gingko trees offered in China.
My contact information:

At 11/23/2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I am wanting to purchase some ginkgo trees in New Zealand (I live in Blenheim). I have been able to source Autumn Gold, Jade Butterfly, Saratoga and of course Biloba, but am interested in the narrow columnar forms that I could use as a hedge. Can anyone suggest a supplier? Or recommend a particular tree as suitable? Thanks Rebecca. Email address:


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