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February 15, 2007

Ginkgo symbol Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul

In South Korea Sungkyunkwan University has on its campus two large trees (Monument No. 59). Planted in 1519 by Yun-tak (ex-president of the Old Sungkyunkwan). They hold symbolic meaning in Confucianism because Confucius is said to have loved reading, pondering, and teaching his disciples under a Ginkgo tree. These trees also represent longevity and enlightenment, both held important in Korean culture.
The University has the Ginkgo leaf as its symbol (click on picture to enlarge).


At 4/07/2009, Blogger HanBi said...

the symbol itself is very beautiful i think. The way how it forms the letter 's' is very clever. I love the curve of the 's'.


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