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February 19, 2007

Wanted: seeds in the Netherlands

Hi there, I would like to try to grow my own Ginkgo. Is there anybody who can spare some seeds. I will gladly pay for the postage . I live in the Netherlands. You can contact me on my email account , you need to exchange # with the @ sign.
Best regards, Harrie.


At 3/06/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear harrie:
How are you?
I can offer you fresh gingko seed?
Please tell me how many gingko seeds you need?
I can offer you what quantity you need? I can send them by express.
Please contact with me:

At 11/11/2012, Anonymous Jan said...


Bij wie mag ik wat Ginkgo zaden komen rapen? Wie weet een vrouwelijke boom waar ik wat zaden kan halen/vinden.

Bij voorbaat dank,

Jan, Breda.


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