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April 25, 2007

Frost damage

I have a large ginkgo tree in my back yard in Kentucky. This year we had several days of freezing temperatures in early April, after the leaves had begun. The leaves died, and now, three weeks later, the entire tree is still full of brown leaves. Will there be a second set of leaves this year? Will the tree live without leaves? I love my large gingko, so beautiful in the fall with its yellow leaves. I hope it will survive.
Question by Marcia Darnell


At 4/28/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will most likely have new leaves, just wait a while.

At 5/22/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a gingko offer in China.
I am also a gingko lover.
would like know more friends to exchange gingko information.


At 5/31/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in the Denver,CO, area. Last year, 2006, the same thing happened to our tree. After a few weeks, new leave bloomed. However, they didn't reach full size. They stayed like minis all summer. This year, we were lucky and all the leaves bloomed and haven't been damaged. They look like they will be full size. PS..
We did wrap the trunk with tree wrap last fall.

At 6/14/2007, Blogger naseem said...

I would be excited to hear more of your tree as I am also in Denver and just got one. Do you water well the first 20 years as article said? They were on the CO forestry recommended list, but some arborists and nurseries said they do not do well here.

Re the question, a nursery staff said when the freeze they do re-leaf, and can even do so a second time!

At 6/10/2020, Blogger Unknown said...


I am just south of Indianapolis, IN. This spring we experienced a frost. Our gingko's leaves were just starting to bud. They dried up but noticed new buds coming in. I was so excited as all our other trees' leaves were coming along well. When the new leaves finally came through, they were curling downward. The tree now is full of leaves, however. Our tree was planted about 6 years ago. I am curious though why it hasn't gained much height since it was planted. Other trees planted at the same time have gotten taller. It does get plenty of leaves and is otherwise looking healthy. My son did accidentally damage the bark when cutting the grass- so I thought maybe it has stalled it's growth. This was the first year its branches actually grew taller- but go figure, the frost happened this year too! Hopefully, the tree recoups and continues to grow! I love our gingko!


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