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April 23, 2007

Ginkgo bonsai and moss

I just acquired a bonsai Ginkgo tree about 25 yrs old perhaps.. it seems to have been heavily pruned to keep it short... and has moss on its trunk and branches... especially where it has been pruned. Although I seal the wounds.
Usually in Seattle, moss grows on everything, and is thought to be harmless. Does anyone care to comment on whether it is harming the tree? I have taken to removing it with a toothbrush, but really dont want to scrub too much. I would leave it, if it is not harmful.
Question by Richard Pauli, Seattle


At 5/07/2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave it on. It adds character and should not harm the tree. Any tree outdoors has moss usually growing on the north side.

At 5/13/2010, Anonymous KronTalb said...

I just took a cutting from a large male ginkgo tree growing in a city yard. The cutting was an end-branch that I could reach, and to my surprise, there is a green moss of some kind growing on the branch in little bunches, up and down the branch!

At 7/10/2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I as well questioned moss on a lovely young Gingko growing on property my daughter recently bought, in fact I was surprised to see it growing here (Washington-western)I picked a lot of it off but yes, it is beautiful & doesn't seem to be harmful so I guess I too will leave it.


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