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June 18, 2007

Black walnut trees and Ginkgo

I am cutting down a black walnut tree and having the stump ground out. I am planning to remove all the stump grinding debris and remove some of the soil around it. I am also going to cut out and remove some of the side roots and remove soil around them also. So my question is how do Ginkgo trees fair from the toxicity of black walnut trees? Should I wait several years or can I go ahead and plant the Ginkgo tree once I have removed the soil and roots and replaced with fresh soil? I appreciate any advice on this. Thank you.
Question by
Matt Klaus.


At 7/08/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More on black walnut and ginkgo:

At 6/06/2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did you make out with planting ginkgo biloba under black walnut? Did they live??


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