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June 20, 2007

Growing Ginkgo in Karachi, Pakistan

I am trying to find some information on growing and care of Ginkgo`s in places like Karachi,
we have 4 seasons, summers are from 32 to 42 C winters are from 15 to 22C sometimes lower at night to 10 C.
I have 3 ginkgo plants from South Africa , recieved 2 months back , have put them in a semi shaded , area under a tree, as the sun has been scorching hot around 40C in the past few weeks. All the three have retained 50% of their leaves one have 3 new leaves from a bud.
South Africa it was autumn when plants were shipped.
Please advice.
Question by /Ovais/ Secretary Pakistan Bonsai Society.


At 2/13/2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Cor Kwant,

Hope you will be fine and doing well, i was searching about herbs thats name is Ginkgo biloba in Pakistan, so i got id of your website, can you pls. let me know the name of this herbs in URDU (Pakistani language), can you pls. help me out, if you know the location sothat i can easily get this herbs in Pakistan. And also required the procedure to use it for mental power.

Thanks a lot in advance to reply on it.
My mailing id is

Best regards,

At 8/25/2009, Anonymous Shangrila Murree said...

This is really nice Blog.Please tell us more details!..its quite interesting i appreciate your work.Thanks for the sharing.

At 11/22/2009, Blogger rabia akram said...

Hey I came to know about this blog through google. Its a nice informative blog.

As per the question, I guess it can grow best in Karachi. I have seen some ginkgo trees in Punjab and they are healthy growing here.

At 3/25/2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi cor Kwant,

please can you email me the address as to where I can find ginkgo biloba please my mother needs it badly she is 70 years old and is quite tired of her blank memories.I've heard that ginkgo biloba is used for mental power so please email me the address at (

I shall be very grateful to you:-


At 12/02/2010, Blogger Unknown said...

please tell the urdu name of ginkgo i badly need to know this
thnx in advance

At 10/13/2011, Blogger Raheel said...

Urdu name of Ginkgo Biloba is Pankha Plant, Hindi Name is Balkuwari.Raheel,

At 4/10/2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Balkuwari khetay hain isey pakistan or india main mail jay ge pansaar k pas koi parishani ki bat nahi hai ye na dain jawab isnay sirf tree lagany hai logo ki help nahi .

At 1/27/2017, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where in punjab? Please contact


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