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March 06, 2009

One of the oldest Ginkgoes in the USA

Earth Science Picture of the Day writes on March 6, 2009:
"The photo above shows an august ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba) in Frederick, Maryland. It's one of the oldest and largest ginkgo trees in the U.S. The impressive specimen shown here has a diameter of nearly 14 ft (4 m), a height of 93 ft (28 m) and a spread of 92 ft (28 m)!"
Photo by Christina Pax.
EPOD is a service of Universities Space Research Association sponsored by NASA Goddard .


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At 6/02/2009, Blogger ronschmidtling said...

Another contender for the oldest ginkgo is in Mobile, Alabama, next to my sister's house. I could send you a picture if you'd like...

At 6/10/2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another really old ginkgo tree is growing on the grounds of the Gibson House in Jamestown, Pennsylvania. This particular tree, a female, was smuggled by Dr. William Gibson from China. The ground around it is littered with saplings, and a far younger male of the species grows only a few feet away.

At 12/26/2018, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the Highland Park neighborhood in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in Highland Park, there is a Ginkgo tree that measures 16 feet and 3 inches in circumference. I’m not sure how tall it is. I have photos. The Park was founded around 1868. I believe it’s a male tree.


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