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June 10, 2009

Geologists: list of 100 things to see incl. Ginkgo

Geotripper writes on his blog:
"Memes can be fun, and there is one going around dealing with 100 things that you have done. I counted about 54 things on those lists that I've done in my 51 years. The meme immediately reminded me of the single most influential column I can remember from Geotimes (now Earth), written in 1990 by Lisa Rossbacher on the places that all geologists should try and see in their lifetimes. The list went through several updates, and arrived on the internet in 1997 on a page put together by Terry Acomb, currently in Grand Junction, Colorado. By nice coincidence, the entire list totaled just about 100 items, so I have made only small changes in the content. I have mostly kept the originals; all such lists are very subjective, and if I fiddled with anything I would never have finished. I notice for one that the list tends towards being biased to sites in North America. I would love to see someone put together a purely world-wide list."
Many geologists reacted and added their own list to Geotripper's blogpost .
The Ginkgo tree is among the 100 things to see. Read more here.


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