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August 01, 2009

Engagement under Ginkgo tree in Heidelberg

Melissa and Michael from Ohio were engaged on June 22nd, 2008, under a Ginkgo biloba tree in the castle gardens of Heidelberg, Germany. "Walking along the castle garden’s pathway, which overlooks the valley, they came upon a Ginkgo biloba tree located where many believe Goethe once planted a specimen of the same species. Pausing beneath it, Michael began talking about the tree and its many meanings, relating it to how they had come to understand Goethe’s poem and its relation to some of Michael’s philosophical ideas. At this time, Michael proposed to Melissa in German, much to the confusion of others in the gardens at the time."
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At 8/06/2009, Anonymous Pablo L. said...

my english is not all good, but, I think your page is very interesting, I am from the south of chile, here have many many gingkos and In the last fall I take many seeds And I wait the spring for sowing...
congratulations for your page, from other fanatic of gingkos


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