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August 26, 2009

Chinese film: Love beneath the Ginkgo

Yu Feihong is back in the spotlight, this time with her directorial debut 'Eternal Beloved'.
The film has already won praise from critics during test screenings.
The movie centers on a 50-year romance between the dead and the living. Duan Yihong plays A Ming, who promises A Jiu (played by Yu) he will reunite with her under the Ginkgo tree after death. He waits for 50 years to meet up with A Jiu, who becomes Xiao Yu (also played by Yu) in her second life. “The film is a simple story to show people that the old saying ‘love conquers all still exists” , says Yu.
The film is adapted from "Ginkgo Ginkgo", a short novel by Shanghai writer Xu Lan published in 1990. Yu Feihong was the one who conceived the idea of having someone shoot a film based on the touching story, and was later inspired by director Wang Xiaoshuai to do it herself.

'Eternal Beloved' is slated for a public release on August 26, the traditional Chinese Valentine's Day.
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