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October 04, 2009

MMI Preparatory School, PA, plants Ginkgo

Sixth grade science class plants Ginkgo tree on campus of MMI Preparatory School in Freeland, Pennsylvania, as a practical example of their ongoing studies. The students are currently studying in Mrs. Laura Nemetz's science class.
The planted tree was grown from seed by Mrs. Nemetz's brother, Rev. Thomas J. Petro. He collected Ginkgo seeds on an island (Antes Fort) in the Susquehanna River near Jersey Shore, PA, and grew seedlings from them. One of these seedlings is the now planted tree in Freeland!!!
Read more and view more photos here.


At 10/04/2009, Blogger Unknown said...

Keep up the good work, Laura! Your students look like they enjoyed the experience of planting the seedling. I promote the planting of ginkgoes grown from seeds to increase the genetic diversity of this relict species.


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