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November 12, 2009

Updates of my website The Ginkgo Pages

* Added video on Tree-page: Playlist of my videos on YouTube of the Ginkgo as a street tree.
* New video: Music "Ginkgo - Ityo"by Yusuke.
* New topic: UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon plants Ginkgo tree.
* New video: HD video of old Ginkgo at Hachiman Mito shrine, Japan.


At 11/14/2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been fascinated with the Gingko tree for a long time. I guess its unusual shaped leaves first attracted me to them. I am living in a condo now so I cannot plant one in my yard. I first came across them in Br. Columbia (Canada) some years ago. They are not abundant in Toronto, though strangely enough I have found some semi mature trees very close to where I live. I love watching them grow each year - very beautiful. I thought I should pass along this comment. Thank you for your web site. Noel Potts


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