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January 05, 2010

Video: Jen Kuhn sings under Ginkgo tree

Jen Kuhn sings and plays under a Ginkgo tree and asks the tree "What would you do?".
Jen lives in Los Angeles, California, USA, and plays the cello in many movie soundtracks.

Jen Kuhn (Original Acoustic Song, Guitar and Cello).
Song written and performed by Jen Kuhn.
Track produced by Roy Zu-Arets.
Video by Jen Kuhn and David Lee Smith. Edited by Jen Kuhn.
Dedicated to Larry Corbett.

Video on YouTube.


At 6/30/2010, Blogger V said...

Was this video done in Los Angeles? Where is this Gingko tree???

At 7/02/2010, Anonymous Cor said...

Perhaps you can ask your question here:

Please post reaction on my blog.


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