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February 16, 2010

Lions Club International plants Ginkgo trees

“See the leaf, two parts united,

For so long, millions of years -
Living thing, stronger than mankind
Did survive fires and fears.”

Eberhard J. Wirfs, Lions Club International president writes :

"One of the most basic facts of nature is that it is dynamic. The visual world continually undergoes change, both from dynamic events in the world itself, such as the movement of trees in the wind, and from the visual changes generated from our own activities, such as locomotion. In other, more basic words, everything needs momentum, or movement, in order to progress, or grow. Move to grow. It’s a very basic concept, which can be applied to most everything. Nothing that remains static grows.
It is this basic concept – move to grow – that I have chosen as my theme for 2009-2010, with the Ginkgo tree and leaf as its symbol.......
So why the Ginkgo tree? The Ginkgo is a symbol of hope and love, and a monument of peace and environmental protection and even considered a vision aid. The Ginkgo tree has in fact been declared the “millennium” tree. When taking into consideration its other characteristics of esteemed heritage, longevity, adaptability, utility, sustainability, and global abundance, it’s easy to see a correlation between the Ginkgo tree and Lions Clubs International.
Compared to the origins and lifespan of the Ginkgo, Lions Clubs International is still in its infancy. As a global organization dedicated to promoting international understanding, we must symbolically plant a Ginkgo at every opportunity. The sapling has to be planted and nurtured world-wide in an appropriate manner with good soil, sunshine and water. Like a Ginkgo tree, our programs must be a sustainable resource that will stand the test of time. Always mindful of our motto, “We Serve,” we must continue to plant seeds of understanding and enduring community service, and cultivate a clear and consistent message of purpose.
This involves effort, momentum, action and NEED TO MOVE.
I have learned a great deal through Lions and from Lions. I was entrusted to take on major challenges, and I am extremely thankful for that chance. Now the time has come to give back."

"The Ginkgo Awards are designed to recognize Lions who exemplify the attributes needed to move our association forward – who have planted the necessary seeds for our future."

Read full text (pdf) here.


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