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June 24, 2010

Storm damage Ginkgo tree

Dear Friends,

We recently had a tornado pass through our town that snapped the leader trunk of my beautiful Gingko tree about 20 feet up. The rest of the tree is healthy and I'm wondering if the tree will survive without the leader. We can prune it up so it looks more even---but will it work? I know it will look rough for many years--but these trees are so hardy...what do you all think?

Question by Jennifer Walsh
Minnesota, USA


At 6/25/2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cut the broken leader back to a strong healthy side branch. Gently bend the side branch vertically and secure in place with a suitable brace. Cut back branches below this to encourage the new leader to develop strong upward growth. In fact, soon after the original leader is removed the tree will naturally start to develop a new one. You may wish to wait a season or two to see if a single dominant leader develops. Then your job is to ensure that it remains dominant by cutting back the competing branches.

At 6/29/2010, Blogger Pavel Hrubík said...

Ginko biloba má veľmi dobrú pňovú a koreňovú výmladnosť z adventívnych pupeňov.Poškodený terminálny kmeň treba rezom pílkou zarovnať v 45° uhle na zlomenom mieste. Poranené miesto lepšie vytvori kalus a nové konáre lepšie rastú.
Súhlasím so stanoviskom "Anonymus said.." Pre výskumné účely zaznamenajte silu vetra
v km/h. Stabilitu stromu Ginkgo zabezpečuje hlboký koreňový systém.Očakávame ďalšie správy o Ginkgo.


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