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November 13, 2010

Oldest Ginkgo tree outside Asia, c. 260 years old

Probably the oldest Ginkgo biloba tree outside Asia grows in the botanical garden 'De Oude Hortus' of the University Museum in Utrecht (the Netherlands). It is c. 260 years old (1730-1750), male with grafted female branch (c. 1830).
This video can be watched in HD-quality. I made this recording on November 8, 2010.

More info and photos on my website The Ginkgo Pages:


At 12/20/2010, Blogger Alyson said...

Hi! I'm poking around the internet looking for information about my favorite tree. I'd like to figure out how old he is. He has an approximate diameter of 25' at 4'-6". He resides in a cemetery in Lancaster, PA, USA. I have photos. Thanks for your wonderful website!

Alyson Earl


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