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November 23, 2011

Video playlist : Ginkgo leaves fall like rain

Ginkgo rain: leaves all fall at the same time

The leaves of Ginkgo trees may all fall in a short period of time, sometimes in one or two hours! This is recorded in many parts of the world in fall.

I made a selection of videos from YouTube (thanks to all videomakers!) presented in the playlist below. More info on my website.


At 11/20/2012, Anonymous Theresa Maeurer said...

I live on Long Island in New York, and my two Ginkgo trees just survived Super Storm Sandy...
I have two 30 ft Autumn Harvest Ginkgo trees and was worried that they wouldn't survive Sandy with their very full crowns and delicate appearing the winds picked up and storm wore on for hours and hours, all of a sudden, these 2 trees just dropped their leaves all at once...they survived without a twig being lost, but I found this behavior very you know how or why this happened and if it will harm the trees. The leaves were mostly green and under normal weather conditions they would have lost their leaves in another 3 weeks or so...thanks for any info...


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