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December 08, 2011

Ginkgo forest in South Korea

"The 43,000 sq. m ginkgo forest in the foothills of Mt. Odae has been opened to the public for the first time in 20 years. The forest is about the size of a baseball stadium, and many of the trees are over 30 years old.
The healthy trees are planted in a straight row 5 m apart. The owner, Yoo Ki-chun, bought the abandoned land 20 years ago and planted ginkgo trees. He opted for the trees because the soil was wrong for cultivation as an orchard. He recently decided to open it to the public. The forest draws a string of visitors who can't resist walking along them to soak in the essence of fall."

Cited from: Arirang, Korea's global tv website: on their website you can watch a video of this forest.


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