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August 21, 2012

Goethe's Ginkgo poem: rap version

Video: the famous poem "Gin(k)go biloba" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe presented by Rap macht Schule.
Instrumental: Figub Brazlevic
Text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Stimme: Doppel-U (created the Projekt "Rap macht Schule" and brings classic rap closer to kids in the schools. This leads to an alternative way in teaching and so poetry and music get combined).

On my website I write:
"Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
The German poet, scientist, botanist and philosopher, dedicated this poem to his former lover Marianne von Willemer. The Ginkgo leaf symbolizes Goethe's theme, one and double. The Ginkgo tree that was Goethe's inspiration to write the poem in 1815, grew in Heidelberg, Germany. This poem was published in Goethe's work 'West-östlichen Divan' (book Suleika) of 1819, titled 'Gingo biloba' for literally reasons."

Read this poem in many languages on my website.

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