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October 07, 2012

Ginkgo espalier Cambridge Univ. Botanic Garden

Cambridge University Botanic Garden, UK, writes on its website:
"The stiff habit of the branches makes the Maidenhair an ideal and unusual candidate for training against a wall, a lovely example of which you can find on the north wall of the listed arts and craft building in the centre of the Garden, Cory Lodge. This treatment pays homage to two outstanding, espaliered Maidenhairs that were planted against the New Botany School (now the Department of Plant Sciences off Downing Street) when it opened in 1904. The Garden’s Arboriculture team prune and train the espaliers annually in late winter, tying in the leading shoots and shortening spurs to three or four buds. Today, these espaliered Maidenhairs are immense, having reached over 13 metres, and frame many of the windows. The logo of the Department of Plant Sciences is a Ginkgo leaf set within a double helix."

Read more and view more photos (+ enlargements): CUBG website

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