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December 15, 2012

DLS High School in Concord, CA. and Ginkgo

John Gray of  De La  Salle High School in Concord, CA. wrote me about many Ginkgo trees in the Quad of this school's campus:

"It’s ginkgo leaf-fall week here at our high school, in which a dozen ginkgos were planted at its creation in 1966. ....I sent an e-mail to all our faculty and staff, reminding them that it is the last days to see the golden leaves, and linking them to your website:
’Tis the season for the scrape scrape of the metal rake gathering into piles the falling leaves in the Quad.

With big rain and wind due in tonight for several days, today may be your last chance to enjoy the golden leaves of the Ginkgos as they fall.

Two years ago we ran an article on these very interesting trees : The oldest species in the world, and the World Speed Champions of Leaf-Shedding. 

Our DLS ginkgos have a pretty good leaves-per-minute rate, but there are ginkgos out there in the world that shed so fast that folks call it ‘ginkgo rain’…
Here is a website that can show you ginkgo rain, and tell you a little about the good luck that the golden leaves can bring."

Read more and enjoy many photos of these Ginkgo trees on the website of De La Salle High School.

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