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May 22, 2013

Historic Ginkgo, Isham Park, Manhattan, NYC

Historic Ginkgo tree, Isham Park, Manhattan, New York City

"Standing by the stone entry gate at the southeast corner of the park (the former entrance to the estate), is a stately Chinese Maidenhair tree (Gingko biloba) which may have been planted by Mr. Isham. This tree was selected as one of the ‘Great Trees of New York City’, all of which were nominated by citizens throughout the five boroughs, based on unusual size, species and historical associations. Below the tree, installed in the northern wall, is a worn red sandstone mile marker that once read “12 m[iles] to N. York.” Mr. Isham had the stone marker moved and installed in the wall next to his gate when it was tossed aside by road workers on Broadway."
Read more on the website of the City of New York here.

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