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January 29, 2014

'Miss Ginkgo' on woodblock print Japan, 1793

Ofuji handing over a handscroll to Okita.

Japan: colour woodblock print. Bijinga. Edo c. 1793-1794.
Print artist:  Kitagawa Utamaro.
Heigth: 37.9 cm; width 24.7 cm.

From the pattern of ginkgo leaves and the characters "Fuji" on her cotton robe, the women in her middle years on the right must be Ofuji, famous in her youth as the beautiful daughter of the owner of a tooth-brush store, the Moto-Yanagiya in Asakusa and known by the nickname "Miss Ginkgo" (Icho Musume).(Asano and Clark 1995)
Read more on the website of the British Museum.

Enlarged picture:

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