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August 07, 2014

Transplanting 750-year-old Yonggyeri Ginkgo, S. Korea

Spectacular video on YouTube by Daeji Development Co., Ltd, Seoul, of the transplanting of  a 750-year-old Ginkgo tree, Kyungbuk Ahndonggun Yonggyeri, South Korea. This Ginkgo tree is 31 m in height, girth 14 m and is one of the biggest of South Korea, National monument no.175.
The transplant is listed in the Guinness World Records register in 2013.

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At 8/09/2014, Blogger Unknown said...

What an amazing thing to conceive and do with success! The son is much closer to being like his father than he thinks. I wonder what the person who first planted this tree would think!

At 8/17/2014, Blogger Unknown said...

Another Ginkgo wonder!


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