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October 23, 2014

Hachioji Ginkgo Festival, Tokyo, Japan

 35th Annual Hachioji Ichou Festa  November 15-16, 2014.
(Ichou = Ginkgo)

History (from website Hachioji Ichou Festa):
"The Koshu Highway runs through Hachioji, lined for four kilometers with around 770 ginkgo trees from the Oiwake area to Takao Station. The trees decorate the area all year with different colors and looks. In autumn in particular, the ginkgo leaves turn bright gold, creating a beautiful scene for strolling amid the crisp air. In the c. 80 years since the ginkgo trees were planted, Hachioji has changed greatly. In just the last 30 years, some 23 universities and many housing developments have sprung up. The city's industries have evolved as well, and with them the lifestyle of its residents. Ichou Festa was established as a venue where those living along the Koshu Highway, longtime and newer residents of Hachioji at large, students, and all people young and old can interact and together enjoy the nature and culture of Hachioji. The festival aims to energize and broaden the city's development while enabling residents to participate in an array of activities and performances. Unlike many festivals, Ichou Festa was created and is run by the residents themselves, and offers a unique experience for all visitors and participants."

Video by Manuctv on YouTube:

More info/photos on website of  Hachioji Ichou Festa and  TimeOut.

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