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March 12, 2015

Spring: my Ginkgo seedlings are budding!

Spring: my seedlings are budding! 

Seeds collected from a Ginkgo tree in Arles, France, September 2013. They were sown in March 2014. I kept the seedlings alive over the winter indoors.

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At 3/14/2015, Anonymous Jan den Otter said...

I collected seeds in April 2013 in Paris, sawn the same spring. Overwintered the seedlings in pots just outside and they all survived. Had 150 seedlings.

Gave away a lot to friends, planted some in my garden and around on public ground. The last 50 I exchanged for other plants with a nurseryman.

Now again I have some seeds and try to get them germinated, these are found in Breda and Tilburg.


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