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April 07, 2016

A-bombed Ginkgo tree in Hiroshima

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A-bombed Ginkgo tree in Hiroshima, Japan
This Ginkgo situated near a temple about 1130 m away from the hypocenter appeared to bud after the blast (the temple itself was destroyed). 
The temple-site in Housenbou was smaller after the war and they considered transplanting or cutting down the Ginkgo to rebuild the temple. In 1994 it was decided to leave it there and adjust the temple to it, so now the main building has stairs in front divided into left-and right hand sides, protecting the Ginkgo inside this U-shape. 
Engraved on it "No more Hiroshima" and people's prayers for peace. 
This tree has thus become an international symbol. 
Estimated planting 1850, 15 m. 

Location:  3-3 Tera-machi, Naka-ku. Near Nishihongan-ji and Zensho-ji.

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