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August 24, 2016

Ginkgo on woodblock print 1801 and Kabuki Theater Edo

Woodblock print by Utagawa Toyokuni I,  1801-1802.
Thirteen famous actors sheltering from the rain under Ginkgo tree, one of the female impersonators on a black ox.
Kabuki. Oban triptych. Nishiki-e on paper. Edo.
More info and larger picture: British Museum

Edo-Tokyo Museum - replica of the Nakamura-za Kabuki Theater in Sakai-cho, Edo (now Nihonbashi-Ningyo-cho, Tokyo).
The Nakamura-za (founded 1624) was one of the three main kabuki theatres of Edo.
It was founded by KanzaburĊ Nakamura.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
The Nakamura family of the Kabuki theater had a "mon" representing a Ginkgo leaf shaped into a crane and put it on a flag.
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