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December 10, 2016

Ginkgo Poem Howard Nemerov

Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri has several Ginkgo trees growing on its campus. Well-known is its Ginkgo Walk, that became the inspiration for WashU former professor Howard Nemerov to write his famous poem The Consent; he loved the Ginkgo Walk.
The path leads from the Brookings Quad to the rest of the campus - and directly to Olin Library.
More on my blogpost of  September 22, 2011.

Oliver Sacks wrote about this poem in The New Yorker of November 24, 2014: Night of the Ginkgo.
On this video WashU students read Howard Nemerov’s poem.
Please do not read the video subtitles (incorrect), but read the correct text + more info on my website.

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